I’m really bad at updating, but I’m good at doin’ stuff.

In the days since last I’ve typed here:

1) Oral surgery #2 went well. I now have two implants (haha), which will have teeth attached to them in January once my dental insurance has reloaded itself. This shit is crazy expensive.

2) It’s officially Gophers hockey season!!!!! HOORAY!!!!

3) Our awesome Halloween party was on Friday night, and Matt and I went as Kriss Kross. I cannot explain how disturbing it is to wear jeans backwards, so you should just go ahead and try it.

4) Matt and I went to a Timberwolves exhibition game against a team from Israel, thus making us some of the few people to see Kevin Love play basketball this year. He broke his hand shortly after the game.

5) We planted 60 crocus in our front lawn (with a power drill!), and I’m pretty sure the squirrels dug them all up. As a vegetarian, I have some guilt over wanting to kill them all, but I really would like to kill them all. What horrible destructive animals.

6) We went to the opening of Pour Decisions’ brewery a couple weekends ago. They’re making some really good beers, dudes.

7) I can run 2 miles straight now, so I’m pretty excited about that! A 5k will probably take me forever, so I need to work on the speed next.

8) I’m obsessed with hurricane news today. (But yes, I still want to move to an island.)

defending the blue line

9) We went to Defending the Blue Line at Mariucci last night with my sister, Joe, and his dad. The one major upside to the NHL lockout is that a ton of awesome players showed up for the game. At least half of the Minnesota Wild were there, and a bunch of former Gophers. (The Wheeler to Okposo goal made my heart flutter just a little.) Loved it.

10) We’re going to San Francisco on Thursday! Take that, winter in Minnesota.

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