why do i have pump up the jam in my head??

Did you hear? Cindi and Adam got married last weekend! They had a fantastic setup on a farm outside of Wabasha.

cindi and adam's wedding

There was bocce, making friends with a horse and some chickens, and a lot of dancing in a barn. Also, Wendy and I sat on the propane tank. It was just like old times, only I was wearing a dress. Afterwards, we all took the bus back to the hotel, and we went swimming. Awesome.

On the way down to Wabasha, Matt and I hung out in Red Wing. We had lunch at a Caribbean-themed bar across the river in Hager City, Wisconsin, called the Harbor. They had excellent food and Jamaican servers, which kind of blew our minds. The place is surrounded by a huge campground, so I’m thinking we might need to spend some time there.

We did the typical antiquing, checked into Treasure Island and did some gambling, then went back to Red Wing for dinner and then cocktails on the top floor of the St James. We spend the rest of the night gambling, winning, and listening to the cover band in the bar. We picked up breakfast at Jenny Lind bakery, and worked our way down the river to the wedding hotel. Which is in the town where Grumpy Old Men was filmed, as they like to inform you at least ten times.

sweeney lake

This week has been exciting, as it’s involved my review, a massive quantity of productivity and new features at work, kayaking, truffle pizza from Pizzeria Lola, a much-needed haircut, a too-dark dye job that left me brunette, and a visit to the new Masu at the Mall of America, which definitely rivals the northeast version in quality and menu offerings. Also, I finished blocking Matt’s sweater, and I’m extremely happy with the result!

matt modeling his sweater

Tonight is minigolf league at the Links at Dred Scott (that sounds fancy, right? It’s not), and then the in-laws arrive tomorrow to celebrate their anniversary with us. If you’d like to get them a gift, they really like brandy.

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