newsflash: it’s hot.

So I’m officially down two teeth now, but I do have a bunch of stitches and a weird little post thing in one of the tooth-gaps to show for it! My oral surgery went well last Wednesday, and I would very highly recommend taking the anti-anxiety medication the surgeon gives you to help you relax. Yes, it’s Halcyon, which is well-known for making people sleepwalk and have sex with strangers, but still. I think they would have told me if I was trying to do those things at the dentist.

I knew what was going on the whole time, but didn’t really care much. I dozed off every time they paused in the drilling and tooth-pulling. They called Matt and asked him to come in when he arrived to pick me up, which is good because I wouldn’t have remembered anything he told me. When we got home, I passed out for a little while, and the medication wore off really quickly.

I didn’t expect to have the kind of swelling I experienced. Like, I was pretty sure the Alien was going to come bursting out of my face at any moment. I worked from home Thursday and Friday, not even because the pain was so bad, but because I looked so funny. By Saturday night it was a lot better, so I was willing to venture out to the grocery store with Matt. Sunday we had brunch at Icehouse (it was fantastic, by the way, and a really nice space), then went to the Twins game. I was just thrilled to be among people in general… I can’t handle that much time away from the world.

Monday night, Matt and I took my niece, Kaitie, to the Science Museum. She was in town for a week, having ridden from Florida with my parents (my dad flew her back today). We wanted to see the pirate exhibit, and I figured that was a good excuse to hang out with her, since we don’t exactly know how to entertain kids. She wasn’t thrilled about the idea of pirates, but they handed out an activity sheet that kept her pretty busy. She was scared to walk through the actual pirate ship (she knew there were actual people dressed as pirates hanging around), but she made it, and got an eyepatch for filling out her activities. We then went to see the other exhibits, and I’m pretty sure she managed to see every single thing in the museum. It was impressive. There were only a few other people there, too, so it was the ideal time to visit.

We dropped her off at my parents house, and picked up materials we’re borrowing for our minigolf hole. One of those items is an entire authentic Canadian mounty uniform. Which is AMAZING. We’re so going to win.

We had people over for Tuesday Night Meats, and I’m impressed that we managed to assemble a group of people willing to sit outside in almost 100-degree temperatures. We grilled, then went inside once the bugs got bad. Jumi was smart to have brought Cards Against Humanity along, so Matt got introduced to that offensive awesomeness. I love it.

Yesterday for the fourth, I watered the plants FOR AMERICA and didn’t even care when the hose flipped over and drenched my legs, because it felt really good in the heat. We debated taking the kayaks out, and decided to risk it. The lake at Fort Snelling State Park was really nice, and it was probably only 90 degrees with the wind blowing. The only thing that sucked was having to load the boats back up afterwards. We were completely drenched in sweat by the time we were done.

We passed on fireworks due to the heat and ended up watching the end of Star Wars and drinking manhattan instead. If that’s not patriotic, I don’t know what is.

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