birthday plans!

Work is busy, so this will have to be short! Things that are going on lately…

We got to take the kayaks out twice this weekend. Friday we went to Lake Harriet, and Sunday to Hyland Park. Since we’re city-folk, one of the most exciting parts of kayking is nature. I’m way too thrilled every time I see a big fish, or a snapping turtle, or goose families. There was a wild turkey that let us get really close to him, too. Oh, and on Sunday we landed on an island. Next time that happens, we need to bring a picnic lunch.

ON lake harriet.

This weekend is my birthday, so our plan is to go check into the Marquette after work on Friday (we got it for $15 with, which rules), go to happy hour, the Twins game, then have dinner very late at Bar La Grassa. Saturday we’re going to go watch the Belmont Stakes at Canterbury, where I plan to become very rich gambling the cash I won by hitting TWO superfectas last weekend. Or, you know, I’ll lose it but we’ll still have fun. Then we’re going to go find Orsi and Kris in St Paul, and celebrate two birthdays at once at Deutsche Tage.

The Mid-Majority (where Bally originated) posted about Bally’s Grand Tour! He is definitely a well-traveled basketball, and could use a washing since he has Europe all over him.

Speaking of the grand tour, I’ve finished the photos of Tunisia, Palermo, and from the Eurodam itself. I have half of Rome, Brussels, London, and Paris left to go. So… yeah, a lot.

Back to work!

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