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Time for my biweekly update! This time, with pictures!

marty the muskie

1) Last weekend was a horrible nervewracking soul-crushing time to be a sports fan. We went to the Wolves-Knicks game Saturday night, and saw a pretty good game with a last-second missed shot for the win. It was the highest attendance at a Wolves game in 8 years, and we had a chance to quiet down Linsanity for just a moment or two. But no. (They need to never wear the Muskies unis again.)

From there we went to the bar to watch the end of the Gophers-Denver game. They had lost in painful fashion Friday night, after playing only slightly better than your uncle’s rec league hockey team, but the good Gophers seemed to be back on Saturday. It was 3-2, then it was 3-3, then it was overtime and Denver was scoring off the faceoff. It was probably the most disheartening moment this entire season.

You’re welcome for that free pass to the NCAA tournament, Denver. It seems that you earned it.

(Oh, and a drunk old lady who looked like Michele Bachmann came to hassle us after the game ended. She wasn’t the slightest bit put off by me asking “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” and continued to blabber on about how awesome Denver was. Since we’re the better people, we didn’t break her shins and toss her down into the urinal-smelling basement. But I wanted to.

the toasters at triple rock

2) From there, we went to Triple Rock to see the Toasters. That made up for everything, because it was awesome. And the bartender who apparently gives us free drinks now gave us free drinks again.

3) My impromptu guest-room-closet-organizing turned into a much larger impromptu organizing project which resulted in us compiling at least four huge bags of donations. (I really never think we have that much stuff until I see how much we’re getting rid of.) I also found a dress in the closet that I’d completely forgotten I had purchased, so perhaps it’ll come to Vegas with me.

finished baby sweater!

4) How cute is this sweater? In related news, Chris and Meg had baby Henry, and we haven’t even met him yet! I need to get this over there soon.

5) I love our dance class! We learned some turns this week that make my head spin, but we’re starting to get better at it in general.

6) My tinnitus appointment with the ENT turned into an MRI last week. What I’ve learned is that it’s not related to my neck injury, which is awesome. Also, my hearing is only slightly subpar. The MRI was to rule out a pretty rare benign tumor, which I suspect is pretty unlikely. Since they haven’t called me freaking out yet, I’ll assume that the all clear letter is on the way, and I can proceed with having annoying but non-life-threatening tinnitus.

I had to take out my earrings for the test, which ended up requiring pliers and Matt’s help. I knew I’d never be able to get the tragus rings back in by myself, so I walked over to Steady Tattoo after my appointment and they had them back in quickly. (I managed to have an MRI and get my earrings replaced within an hour’s time, which is pretty remarkable. I also got to listen to Sammy Hagar in the MRI machine, so: win?)

matt is the best.

7) Valentine’s Day was great. Matt sent me roses at work, and had champagne waiting at home. Also, we had a pretty incredible seven-course tasting dinner at Wise Acre. (My favorite part was the rice and red beans, which was more like risotto and beans. Holy crap.)

And now it is time for weekend, which will hopefully include much-less-painful hockey. (We’re going to the game tomorrow where they’re honoring the 2002 National Champs; if we’re lucky, that’s the only crying I do over hockey.) It’s only one week til we’re in Vegas, and 75 days til our honeymoon, which is starting to really not seem that far away. I’m pretty much ready to go right this second, however. This place is getting boring.

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