five days til christmas…

Last Friday, we dropped off three families’ worth of gifts and 30 dozen cookies at the Aliveness Project before driving approximately two billion miles to Dan and Kate’s new house in Savage. (It was actually 20 miles, but I’m not going to let them forget they moved that far away.) On the way there, we witnessed THIS. There was even a Santa standing out at the end of the driveway waving at me the whole time I was taking the picture. Awkward.

We got a tour of the house and then went to dinner at a place that was surprisingly great, and had scotch and tequila flights for less than $9. (Suddenly I have warm feelings toward Burnsville.) Afterward, Matt and I headed back to Minneapolis to see Davina and the Vagabonds at Famous Dave’s. Even though that place is gigantic, it was still standing room only for the first hour we were there. That’s proof of how awesome Davina is.

Saturday, we spent the day preparing for Awesome Christmas. While this year’s event blew the last ones out of the water, it would be inappropriate of me to explain exactly why. Instead, I will show you a picture of my favorite gift I purchased this year: a 5x muumuu. It had enough material to cover a twin bed. (Willis was a good sport and wore it most of the night, too!)

the 5x muumuu

Also, if you look not even that closely at this poster (which was a gift for Matt), you’ll notice something very… evident. It’s been bothering all of us ever since.

Sunday, we watched the glorious day of football that involved both the Packers and the Tebows losing. And we also went for a walk, where we found a dead raccoon hanging out in the creek right where we’d want to put our kayaks in in the summer. Jerk.

Work has been awesome lately. We got a giant TV for the conference room that shows ESPN a lot of the time, and this week is Secret Santa. I love seeing one person get up to walk away from their desk, and another person running over there with a gift. Friday we’re having lunch and beer, and the Santas will be revealed. (I’m really hoping for some leaving-early, too, since we’re driving to South Dakota after work.)

In other totally unrelated news, my mushrooms are growing!! (I can’t wait to put them on a pizza.) You’re supposed to get two uses out of that growing box, but people said they often got 4-5 growths out of it. That’s exciting.

Also, I finished typing about Boston, which means that my travel journal will now be fully up-to-date until the end of February, when we’ll all have to get together and piece together what exactly happened in Vegas.

I’ll be back at the end of the week with my longstanding end-of-the-year wrapup. Seriously, how can it be the end of the year already? I’m not ready for the world to end yet.

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