shippin’ up

Last weekend, our very first at home since the wedding, was conveniently timed with our Halloween party. And it was epic, as usual. Also, Wendy raised the bar on offensive costumes so far that I can’t make any of the detail photos of it public. It was that awesomely terrible.

Also, Chris told Ryan that he could have one last drink before they left, so Matt made him another one. In a bucket.

orsi, wendy, joe, and ryan with his last drink (302/365)

Last night, I finally forced myself to sit down and sort through our thousand-plus wedding photos. I sorted them all into sets and uploaded the high-res versions to Flickr. Before I make them all public, though, I want to label, tag, do some further sorting, and make a “best of” set for people who don’t want to look through 600 pictures. So yeah, I still have some work to do on that.

at first avenue

(I’m really happy about our decision to have pre-wedding pictures taken at First Ave.)

We’re going on a 100%-discount-based date night tonight: we have a coupon for dinner at CC Club, and free passes for the Lagoon Theater. (Married life is romantic, no?) This Friday, we’re off to Boston, after an evening and half-day in Worcester for Matt’s conference. While he’s gettin’ the locals some learning, I’m going to go visit New Hampshire and Maine, MY LAST TWO STATES!!!!!!

We’re also staying in Boston til Monday. Why? Because it’s awesome, of course.

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