the weekend in pictures: FOR AMERICA.

Oh yes, our three-day weekend was awesome.

Friday Night Meats happened in the midst of a pretty amazing storm. Before people arrived, the wind came through and knocked a bunch of branches and dead-tree bark from the neighbors’ into our yard. We cleaned it all up, went inside for a few minutes, and then realized it was pouring. After that, though, it was nice for a while and we all got to sit outside.

surly bender and harriet brewing saison nourrice (182/365)

Then a really scary storm arrived, so we moved the festivities to the basement. Which was fine, since we have a bar down there too.

Saturday, Matt and I went to ride the trolley between Harriet and Calhoun, something I’ve been meaning to do forever.

harriet-calhoun trolley

After that, we grabbed lunch at Bread and Pickle and ate under a tree, then went and rented a couple kayaks and went out on the lake. It was perfect outside.

kayaking on lake harriet (183/365)


Sunday, we went to brunch with my family, and then took them to a Twins game. My parents and sister had never been to Target Field before. They took our regular season tickets, and Matt and I took the seats we’d originally gotten for them. What we learned when we got there is that row 18 in section 101 (right next to the right field foul pole) is actually only three rows from the field. They were fantastic. As was the winning! (The downside was being in the sun all day… I don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much in Minnesota before.)

walks will haunt! (184/365)


Later that evening, we went to play tennis, then had dinner at the Lyndale Taphouse. We considered going downtown for a while, but everything was deserted. It’s like it was real Sunday, not a holiday weekend.

Monday morning, we got up and went over to claim a spot in the shade at Lake Calhoun for Gay Day IV. Wendy, Amelia, Ash, Bill, Katie, and Abby joined us, and we grilled brunch sammiches and drank super-classy shandies made of Tecate and powdered lemonade. It was really hot, so we mostly just laid around and watched other people exerting themselves. The lake was crazy busy in the afternoon, especially at the beach!

july 4 at lake calhoun

That night, Matt and I had dinner and drinks at Masu (which was just was great as the last time we were there… I love that place), then walked over to grab a spot on the Hennepin Avenue Bridge for fireworks.

fireworks from the hennepin avenue bridge

My disappointment over having to return to work this morning instead of sitting outside all day was only somewhat balanced out by the fact that it’s a four-day week, followed by a trip to Joe’s cabin for the draft party!

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