It’s been very hot and humid for a couple of days, so the urban farm has become more of a jungle.

something i learned: potatoes have pink flowers! (182/365)
That’s a potato flower. I had no idea potato flowers were pink.

I harvested four cups of rhubarb last night for Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake. We have tons of kale, swiss chard, mint, and other herbs. Surprisingly, the lettuce is still going strong, though I’ve started to notice earwigs chillin’ in there, which means it’s time to murder them all with a dusting of diatomaceous earth. (I have to wait til after Matt mows the lawn; last time, he got it in his eyes and they almost dried up like raisins.) I have fully-grown jalapeños in mass quantity, and a couple of bell peppers ready to go.

Within a few weeks, we should have a minimum of 8,000 zucchini, and the early tomatoes and beans should be ready to go. Oh, and beets! And the other hot peppers! I love this time of year.

I also bought a strawberry cultivar that’s supposed to produce in July of the first year. I have them growing in one of my Earthboxes, and they’re mostly doing well (there are a few tiny strawberries growing, and a bunch of flowers). Something loves digging them up, though, and I have no idea why. They don’t do anything to the plants, just dig a hole around the roots and pull the entire plant up, so I just go out and replant it a few times a week. (Luckily, they only seem to do this to one plant in particular.) I really wish I knew why; I’ll assume it’s a squirrel, since they’re the assholes of the animal kingdom. Well, squirrels and earwigs.

(I just imagined a cross between those two things, and now I hate nature.)

Happy Independence Day! Here in Minnesota, we’ll be celebrating independence from sane representational government and our many awesome state-funded services.

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