I came to say two things, and that was one of them.

We’re staying home tonight for multiple reasons: one, because I’m really hopeful that we’ll have trick-or-treaters in our extremely awesome new hood, and that we can do like I did years ago, and hand out beer to the parents (it was very popular); two, because the Gophers are playing and we’re going to watch them on our very own televisual device; three, because today was the day we both had to be out of our apartments (by noon!), and so i RSVP’d no to party invites; four, we didn’t bother with costumes this year due to the aforementioned reason, and because Missy’s party is tomorrow nignt, and it’s non-costumed unless we want to creep people out. Oh, and because our house is so awesome, I want to be there all the time, and get totally moved in.

So what I’m saying is that you should probably trick-or-treat in the victinity of 54th and Emerson if you’re out tonight. Free beer!

The other thing I wanted to say is that OUR NEW BED IS THE BEST. No further details provided.

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody! Be (mostly) safe.

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