happy new year! (1/365)

Ok, I’m just a little late. Work keeps me very, very busy, and then when I’m home I don’t feel like internetting too much since I start at a computer all day. We did get a new laptop, though, so maybe someday I’ll consider it!

New Year’s was fantastic; I got to kiss the boy I love at midnight, and I got to know some pretty awesome people better.  I spent all of Saturday on the couch, then made up for my laziness Sunday. We’ve been mostly hanging out this week, doing some cooking and knitting and sports-watching, and it’s been highly satisfying.

Tonight we’re venturing out to a menu tasting from a potential wedding caterer, because now that the holidays are over, it’s time to return to The Wedding Project. I was a little worried about our progress on that til I realized we have either decided or made a lot of progress on the ceremony and reception sites, the caterer, the wedding party, the photographer, the music, and the bar. Who needs a dress and decorations, really? Those should be the easy part.

And because I love me some self-imposed ridiculous commitment, I’ve started on Project365 again. I did it two years ago and loved the end result: the photos weren’t all spectacular by a long shot, but the collection itself makes me really happy. Also, being reminded to take pictures on a regular basis is a good thing, I think. Anyway, you can find the measly beginnings here, updated daily!

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