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Christmas One: Tuesday night, we opened a couple presents at home, mostly because I didn’t want to transport Matt’s giant present elsewhere.

christmas tree pre gift-opening

I’m pretty proud of his present! I may have to get him a smoking jacket and humidor for his birthday.

matt's christmas present

Christmas 1.5 took place at work, with the culmination of a week of Secret Santa. My gifts were awesome:

my secret santa is awesome.

My boss bought us Pizza Luce for lunch, then we had a champagne toast and were handed our Christmas bonuses. Hooray!!

Christmas 2 took place at my parents’ house that evening. As usual, we were buried under piles of presents.

my parents' tree

I got a ton of stuff, including the blocking mats I’ve been wanting forever for knitting, a gigantic pressure canner and canning supplies, a stack of cash, and a luggage scale. Also, my brother in Florida set up the most elaborate scavenger hunt ever, with the help of my parents. He had us running all over the house in search of clues; I think my dad got a little too into it, because one of the sets was clipped to the blade on his table saw. Scary.

My sister won, but I’m pretty sure she cheated. It’s the only way it could’ve happened!

Thursday afternoon, we headed to Watertown for Christmas 3 (The Reckoning). Everything was going swimmingly until we crossed the border to South Dakota, and then all snow hell broke loose. We couldn’t see for more than a few feet, and the road was covered with snow. I spent the rest of the drive leaning forward trying to keep track of the white line so we didn’t drive off the road. Why does South Dakota do that to us every year?

Christmas in Watertown was fantastic, as usual. Even Bally got into it:

bally likes christmas

We hung out, opened gifts in two sessions, played games, and ate about 18 meals a day. There was the traditional post-holiday shopping at Shopko and the mall, and a visit to tiny Henry 20 miles away to see Dan Sherrill at the Udder Bar. Yes, it’s really called that, and it’s as amazing as you might expect. (Halfway through the show, they set up a free taco bar at the back of the room.)

We also got to know this guy:

watertown wild turkey

He lives at the tree farm at the end of Matt’s parents’ street, and can be seen there most of the day. He hangs out at the intersection watching cars, because apparently people feed him a lot. (We brought him Saltines.) He’s getting to be such and institution I’m surprised the town hasn’t named him yet.

I’ve been back to work this week, but just Tuesday-Thursday. I need some time off to prepare for the next two Christmases, not to mention New Year’s!

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  1. Reply joNo Gravatar Dec 29, 2010 10:33 pm

    i’m sorry, but the gifts from christmas 1.5 are in the wrong order. it’s booze, THEN coffee.

    as for your friend from the tree farm, so many jokes flooded my mind at once that my head almost exploded. i’ll lead with “dick cheney.”

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