it’s not all happy hours and awesome parties. 2

Listen, work is insane. All the time. This is like extreme job security, I guess.

Here are some items that have happened in the past week!

1) We put up our Christmas tree! I was all panicked that I was unprepared for Christmas gift-giving this year, and then everything worked out, and we’re close to done already.

christmas tree

2) My pomegranate bitters are done! Look how pretty they are:

my pomegranate bitters!

3) We started registering! I still don’t understand why you’re supposed to register so early, but I’m just doing what the timelines tell me. Also, despite our fears that an overeager ‘personal shopper’-type lady at Crate and Barrel would accompany us during this process and make me want to stab her, it couldn’t have been easier. Plus it’s really entertaining.

now this is happening.

4) Willis and I may have lifted our bowling team from 3rd-to-last to 4th-to-last yesterday! Despite being abjectly terrible most of the time, we still won and managed to have a couple decent games in the process.

5) Matt and I tried two new restaurants this week: Pizzeria Lola (about a mile from our house) and Lyndale Tap House (which isn’t new, but we were waiting for it to be less foodie-ridden). Both were great in very different ways. Though I love Luce, and the fact that we can now order online at la casa, it’s nice to have an alternative pizza place sometimes.

Tomorrow we’ll be joining a bunch of people on Doran’s annual shopping and drinking light rail extravaganza (conveniently abbreviated HLSAMLSDHOE 4), then heading to Triple Rock for the Dropsteppers CD release. I’m looking forward to both of those like crazy, and not just because it’ll give me a break from thinking about javascript bugs for a while.

Happy weekend!!

2 thoughts on “it’s not all happy hours and awesome parties.

  1. Reply ClintNo Gravatar Dec 3, 2010 4:29 pm

    Whoa, the lyndale taphouse menu looks awesome.

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Dec 4, 2010 11:57 am

      it’s great! and their happy hour is fantastic. you just have to not stay too late lest you be bro-ed to death.

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