but mostly not the lamp.

That was our dinner last night. And lunch today. And probably lunch tomorrow, too. Thanks, Chinese cooking class! Holy crap, that was all so amazingly good.

Tomorrow, as you may have heard, is Thanksgiving. Matt’s parents should arrive in the early afternoon, and we’re all going out to my parents’ for dinner. I’m baking pumpkin scones and that apple brandy cake that’s like porn in a 9×13-inch rectangle. I’m going to have Celebration Roast for dinner, and will be eating it on sammiches for the following week. And on Friday, we will put up the Christmas tree, and I will probably cry with excitement over having that in our new house.

Here’s what I’m particularly thankful for this year:

  1. my boyfriend
    How often do people find the love of their life and have things actually work out? How many people know what it’s like to be madly in love all the time? I’m very lucky. And I’m not sorry if that made you puke.

  2. my friends
    We’ve been known to sit and laugh for hours over our adventures. They’re the best.

  3. my freedom
    I feel like I’ve made some pretty good choices in life, to get to this point. I don’t have obligations I don’t enjoy, and I feel like I have the opportunity to do pretty much anything I want to.

  4. my health, my career, my security
    You know, all those things that keep you in a good place. They’re a big deal!

  5. this lamp
    And this ashtray. And this paddle game. And this remote control.
    And that’s all I need.


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