3-day weekend! (clap clap clapclapclap)


Friday Night Meats featured the ultimate meat achievement, at least til someone outdoes it. The Noah’s Ark Burger contained 11 different animals.

And though I’m vegetarian, I admire their dedication. It’s amazing.


We saw the Hold Steady at the Cabooze outdoor plaza. 90-degree temps, a capacity crowd in a parking lot, and one of the greatest outdoor bands of all time… you can’t lose. They were amazing. I could go to that same show every weekend.

Afterward, we joined Willis, Cindi, and Adam to celebrate Willis’ birthday. We sat outside Town Hall for a couple of hours, then went to get him a birthday fishbowl at Preston’s. They closed early for the holiday, and managed to chase us off by playing “Proud to be an American”. Ugh. I heard that song way too many times this weekend.


We got to Target Field just as the gates opened at 11am to get the Minnie and Paul bobbleheads. Seeing the crowd outside, I despaired of ever getting one. We almost left, but the crowd started moving and we decided to try it. I’m glad we did, because they’re awesome. This is the first bobblehead I’ve ever wanted!

We hung out with Bill and Katie before the game, then met Chris and Meg at our seats. The Twins didn’t do a very good job of winning, but that’s alright. It was also approximately one million degrees at Target Field: we were sunburnt and drenched in sweat. I felt bad when we stopped for lunch afterwards and probably had visible stink-lines coming off of us.

Later that night, we went to Missy and Joe’s to drink, play poker, and shoot off fireworks in the park. Three nights in a row in the great outdoors meant that I was officially a mosquito buffet. (There’s a tube of hydrocortisone sitting on my desk right now.)


Matt and I sat around all day, and only ventured from the house once to go to the grocery store. We made bitters (part of my 101 things project!) and cheesesteaks (/cheese-seitan) for dinner, and I accomplished a great deal of knitting, but not much else. Thank god for the free day to recover from the weekend!

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