there’s gonna be a plaxident.


I’ve been around! I’m just super-busy at work all the time. And though we do now have internet at home, which comes to us over the magic of signals from the sky*, I don’t really type there. I have more important things to do, like hanging out in my awesome house. And falling asleep on Matt’s lap. And, really, I just want Memiary to post my list every day, the one that is probably of interest only to me.

Our Thanksgiving was spectacular. Matt’s parents came into town Thursday afternoon, and we all went to dinner at my parents’ house. Then we played Tripoley, a longstanding tradition that needs to be reinstated. I was very excited to have our very first houseguests, even if the guest room bed (which used to be Matt’s) broke right on schedule. Apparently some people were too enthusiastic with it in the past.

His parents took us to brunch and headed back to South Dakota while we braved the Black Friday Recession Celebration Holiday Crowds to get a grill at Menards. Though the instructions said it would take half an hour, it took us almost two to get it fully assembled. It was worth it, because it was really nice outside, and the grill worked on the first try! There was even half a tank of propane in the garage, so we didn’t have to buy one.

We also watched a couple of Gophers games, one in-person and one on TV, put up all our Christmas decorations, including the silver tree, managed to hang out with Kris and Orsi, Adam and Cindi, and Chris and Ryan at various times, played a lot of darts, and ended up in a bartop poker game at the Hat Trick Lounge in St Paul near closing time, with a bunch of people we were best friends with after knowing them for upwards of half an hour. My brain is still reeling from that particular evening. It was hilarious.

All in all, the perfect weekend. And holy crap, I can’t wait for Christmas!

(I want many pairs of very warm wool socks, in case you guys are out shopping for me. Thanks!)


*We have the citywide wi-fi from USI wireless. It’s $22/mo and has been reliable with very few exceptions. It’s slower than cable, but it’s also half the price. Suck it, Comcast!!

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