Matt is the sweetest boy.

We had the best Valentine’s Day. Technically it was the day before Valentine’s Day, but there’s no splitting hairs when it comes to celebration.

Brunch at Luce for Cindi’s birthday was great, if twice as big as necessary. We had coupons for free mimosas, too! Matt and I had to rush off to our reservations at Mill City Museum, but at least we got to see a bunch of friends.

My beverage collection

I’ve wanted to go to Mill City Museum since it was built a very long time ago, and had never gotten around to it. Finally, I made reservations for the Washburn A-Mill tour, which includes tickets to the museum. We got there at 12:30, just in time for the Flour Tower tour, which involves riding up and down in a gigantic elevator with stadium seating, and watching a presentation about the history of the mills in Minneapolis. It’s really great, and ends on the 9th floor observation deck, which has great views of the river and the city. (We had to rush off to another tour, but they let us back up there afterwards.)

The A-Mill tour is 90 minutes, and takes you to parts of the building you can’t normally visit. You wouldn’t think that flour milling would be so interesting, but you’d be wrong. I loved it a lot, and it ended with a demonstration of how a mill explodes if it’s not kept clean. AWESOME.

(many more photos here.)

We watched “Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat”, which was hilarious, then toured the rest of  the museum and managed to spend $100 at the excellent gift shop. I got an apron. What? I’ve always wanted an apron. I have flour on my clothing at least twice a week.

Before the meter ran out, we went over to the Guthrie to check out the view from the endless bridge. (Yet another thing I hadn’t done yet; we were such Minneapolis tourists this weekend.)

We checked into the Westin around 4, and headed over to Bradstreet for cocktails and snacks. The Graves’ lobby was packed full of teenagers who reeked of weed, because there was some kind of dance competition at Target Center. Who exactly is paying to put up a bunch of highschoolers at the Graves?? That’s amazing.

Bradstreet wasn’t open, so we walked over to the liquor store and got a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, which I proceeded to carry around in my purse because I’m just that classy. The cashier suggested drinking it on the street, so that was at least a step up. We got to Bradstreet just as it opened, and had their typically fantastic food-and-beverage service. Have I mentioned they’re the best bar in the—oh yeah, I have. Several times.

Since we needed something to keep us from just hanging out in bars for the entire day, we headed over to the downtown Target to spend the gift card Matt’s mom had sent for Valentine’s Day. She made Matt promise to not buy useful things, so we ended up with things like two puzzles and a picture frame for the prints we got at the museum. Also, two tipsy people shopping at Target = really entertaining.

We carried our purchases back to the hotel, and spent some time in our room. Which resulted in Matt’s excellent summary: We just drank Veuve Cliquot in the shower. Now I know how Jay-Z’s Tuesday mornings feel.

Finally, it was time to head to dinner. We walked the many blocks to Saffron, and somehow managed to arrive right on time. We were there for the chef’s tasting menu, which is good, as that was the only thing they were serving that night. Oh, and they had a vegetarian version. That pretty much guarantees instant love from me.

The food was nothing short of amazing. I was especially impressed that they managed to produce a couple vegetarian dishes that looked nearly identical to their meaty counterparts. Everything was beyond excellent, and I’m pretty sure that’s the best meal I’ve ever had in Minneapolis. We will definitely be returning soon.

Our evening ended at Prohibition, where we had the same little table as last time. I think that means it belongs to us, so I’m going to have a plaque made up for it. And a standing order for an aviation. So good.

Sunday morning, we had reservations for brunch at Bank, only they had stopped serving breakfast by then. We went over to the Local instead, which meant we got to watch Super Sunday Plus, just like at home.

Back at our mansion, I baked ginger scones and a loaf of bread, then spent the rest of the day working on a puzzle and knitting. It’s important to balance out things like champagne-in-the-shower with some wholesomeness, after all.

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