the batmobile lost its wheel

It’s my favorite time of year!

I rushed to put up the silver tree on Sunday after we got back from South Dakota. We got that plus the house decorations done in record time. We just have to put up lights on the back fence, and we’re set. The star-shaped lights over the bar might even stay there all year. There are presents under the tree now, too!

I finally had time to put up my desktmas tree at work. There it is, in all its cheap-LED, paperclip-ornament-hangered glory. Between that and the dancing, singing Christmas tree near the kitchen, our office is totally festive.

I feel like I have to squeeze in as much holiday-season-celebrating as possible right now, because we’ll be missing ten days of it on the cruise. Not that we’ll really be missing it, but I do love me some Christmas and New Year’s.

This week, we’re just hanging out and hoarding cash to spread around the islands. Friday we have hockey tickets, and Saturday is my work party. I know in advance that it’s going to be legendary.

I’m almost done with Christmas knitting, too. How cute is that hat??

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