my persistence may lead to their stabbing.

First of all, Delta Airlines is still a massive failure, customer-service-wise. Thank god they don’t fly their airplanes like they provide support, or we’d have long since been dead.

Last weekend was one of the best since… well, the previous weekend. We stayed in to watch, uh, old what’s-their-names play hockey, then fled to the bar to escape the terribleness. We had a couple drinks at Bradstreet, tried unsuccessfully to get into a closed Bank (the lounge, not the institution), and ended up at Prohibition. Sipping cocktails on a bed atop the Foshay Tower, listening to Bob Marley? There’s nothing that’s not awesome about that.

Saturday, we did much in the way of homethings, took a walk around midday, and then crossed our fingers and headed to Mariucci. The less said about that the better, really. It’s brutal.

Sunday, we went to catch the Chef Shack in one of its end-of-season appearances at the Kingfield holiday market. We got kale and apples at the market, and then got in line for the Chef Shack. The best part was that we were able to sit outside and eat. In late November. I love it.

We watched a lot of football, and I got two Christmas knitting projects done. Also, my house is extremely shiny and clean.

Last night was bowling, where we lost one game miserably to the last-place team, but made a comeback in the other two. That team was awesome, too, so we tried to convince them to join the Thursday night leagues with us. Afterwards, we celebrated Marc’s birthday, during which two people bought him drop-in shots involving Yellowtail wine and flavored liqueur. Sweet jesus, that is really not OK.

Tonight, there will be much in the way of preparation for Thanksgiving, as we’re going to an early show tomorrow night, and leaving Thursday morning. I’m baking super-delicious cranberry bread and pumpkin cookies, which are also an experiment for mass-cookie-baking for the Aliveness Project. I hope they turn out well!

Oh, we also got our invitations to the legendary work Christmas party on December 5th. We’re staying at the Hotel Minneapolis this time. Oh god! Panic! I don’t even know what to expect this year. I’m so excited!!

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