i can’t wait for flag day.

This may just strike me as the most hysterical thing ever because I have the tattoo and all, but check out the LOLcat Wasteland. I love it. (Muchas gracias to mi novio Matt for the link.)

So, we’re getting into that time of year when inevitably someone will bitch at you for saying ‘Christmas’ (or my preferred version, xmas: the x is the rating!), and right now the nerd population of the universe is apparently celebrating the Harvest Festival, even though as far as I know they haven’t harvested anything, ever, because it requires working outside. The thing that people dislike most about holidays, even more than Jesus being the Reason for the Season, is supposedly that they’re commercialized. Meaning that Target has had their Christmas decorations in the back corner of the store since Labor Day.

Here is what the holidays mean to me…

Halloween: cute kids seeking candy, dressing up like a dumbass, parties, being with friends.
Thanksgiving: cooking awesome food, having a day off work, parties, being with friends and family.
Christmas: finding perfect presents, having a day off work, putting up my awesome silver tree, parties, being with friends and family.
New Year’s: drinking champagne, having a day off work, parties, being with friends.

Come to think of it, I could probably incorporate any of those into a pretty great Monday, too. Every day could use a good celebration, after all.

Speaking of Monday, that was the day when we were on the Food Network. Mostly Cindi was on there, telling Guy Fieri that Suzi’s was ‘classy trashy’. SO AWESOME. There was a shot of the restaurant where you could see the three of us sitting at a table, but that was it. Which is totally fine by me.

Wendy and I received horrifically tragic news on Tuesday: our whittling class was cancelled due to low attendance. We were the only people who signed up, after waiting 2 years for it to appear on the community ed course list again. SIGH. We went to Suzi’s to drown our sorrow with rum raisins. Then we went to Jaros for Ultimate Naked Lady Victory!!!

Last night, we pondered about 50 different plans for Halloween eve, but nobody else in the world seemed to want to go out. Instead, we spent a very, very pleasant evening hanging out and, you know, doin’ stuff. I’m very close to finishing the baby blanket from hell, too; it’s at almost 1,300 stitches each round. The bind-off may take me an entire week.

Tonight is date night, so if you see a couple making out in the back of the theatre, it’s probably us. And since I’m positive I won’t be back before next week, here is the weekend rundown: hockey game, futbol game, halloween party, hockey-game-during-brunchtime. HELL YES.

Uh, could it smell any more like sweaty BO in here? I’m paranoid that stank will end up on me. ACK.


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