bakin’, bacon

Holiday cookin’ plans:

  • pumpkin scones (tonight, for Matt’s parents when they arrive)
  • dates with blue cheese and walnuts (for Thanksgiving at my parents’ and Matt’s)
  • New York cheesecake with sour cream and cherries on top (for dessert on Thanksgiving: PARENTAL SUMMIT)
  • pecan pie with bourbon (for Matt on Thanksgiving)
  • cranberry-pecan bread (for this weekend)
  • cornbread stuffing with bacon, apples, and walnuts (for frensgiving)

I did a test run of the pumpkin scones this weekend, and brought the leftovers to work today. They disappeared within 20 minutes. I love baking. Also, there’s another Thanksgiving happening next weekend, but I haven’t planned that far ahead yet!

What I do know for sure is that my xmas tree is going up this weekend. I have to disassemble my entire closet to get to it, but I need to do that anyway so I can put a/c-bot away. I doubt he’ll be needed anymore.

We went to go see No Country For Old Men on Thursday night, but were met with a line wrapped around the block when we exited the Independent. We were smart and pre-bought tickets for last night just in case. We turned it into a date, and it was excellent. If you love the Coen Brothers as I do, you need to go see that movie right away, especially if you’ve been disappointed by their recent work. It’s nothing less than amazing; I burst into tears 10 seconds before the end of the movie, and couldn’t stop crying as we walked through Uptown. I can’t think about it, or I’ll start again. Go see it, please.

Today, Wendy and I made the rest of the reservations for the cruise, so we’re set and I’m dying of excitement. The plan is:

  • snorkeling with stingrays in Grand Cayman
  • chillin’ in beach chairs in Honduras
  • riding ATVs in the jungle in Mexico


Ok, I need to make me some shopping lists over lunch. Have the best Thanksgiving ever, dudes!! See you next week.


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