Matt did an excellent job of summing up our trip to Watertown (and many other Christmas celebrations) already. It’s not that I was waiting for him to do the hard work, really, it just took me two days to edit all the photos. I may already be regretting my resolution to take more pictures. (Some of them were really worth it, though; I just ordered 80 prints from Flickr.)

I have but a few things to add.

1) The Chuck Norris:

1 shot cherry Dr McGillicuddy

Dropped into a glass of Liquid Ice (you must say this in the monster truck announcer’s voice)

Enjoy, for it is delicious. Whatever you do, do not have another. It is, in fact, a roundhouse kick of booze.

We bought a can of Liquid Ice for our friends back home to enjoy. I think it can only be found at one convenience store in the entirety of the midwest, but I haven’t actually searched that hard.

2) I’m terrified of the middle of nowhere. I’m totally not kidding about that. Like, driving into South Dakota: I crossed the state line just as it got dark. The road was shiny, and I couldn’t tell if that was ice or not, but it sure felt like it. I slowed down to about 25mph, to the chagrin of all the pickup trucks behind me. The only reason I wasn’t crying was that it would’ve impeded my visibility even more than the snow drifting across the road. I was shaking when I finally arrived at his parents’ house.

Also, farms. How can people live on farms? Murderers and farm animals hang out at farms, and nobody can hear you scream when they team up to kill you. I like lights and traffic and the sound of people out doing normal people things.

3) I can’t decide if South Dakota or Wisconsin bars are better. I’ve never seen Johnnie Walker Black for $3.75 in Wisconsin, so that’s about a hundred points in Sodakia’s favor.

4) I need to count the number of times I’ve played blackjack in my life, because so far I’m on a ridiculous streak. The only time I’ve ever lost money was that time with Robert Milligan breaking all six of us in Vegas, and that was pretty much worth it.

5) Four days spent with parents should never be that fun. We had a ridiculously awesome time.

…in bed.

Last night, we cleaned the house like crazy, put all the Christmas gifts away (the tree stays up til January, of course), and watched American Gangster. I liked it a lot, though I was not at all convinced that they’d gotten the main characters’ sympathies right until the very end. The only thing that bothers me more than moral ambiguity in films is Owen Wilson’s stupid face.

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