westward ho ho ho (sorry.)

Yesterday, Matt and I went to lunch at Grumpy’s, and then he headed to his parents’ in South Dakota. I was not thrilled that he was driving in the snow, but the roads to the west are clear, and he made it there fairly quickly. Then I was allowed to stop worrying.

After work, I stopped at Wedge for fake meat to bring to Watertown for Christmas dinner, at the boozeteria to get some Schlitz for Matt’s dad, and then went home to clean, do laundry, pack, and bake pumpkin cheesecake. I managed all of that in record time, and then went to go join Dan and others at Lyle’s for his birthday party. I left there around 10pm, and I’m very glad I did; apparently it became insane after that.

Then I had to go do that part I was really not thrilled about, which was to go to bed by myself. Not only did it suck, but I was also mad at myself for being emo about it. You know, I lived by myself for three years. I absolutely loved it. I never once felt afraid or lonely. But things change when you get used to spending every night with your favorite person in the world. It was especially different because it was in our new house, and we’ve always been there together. It went something like this:

My brain: Knock it off, you’ll be fine. It’s just one night.


My brain: You were dreaming those noises that woke you up at 4am! That wasn’t someone trying to get out of the basement!

Me: Why is there a chain lock on the basement door, anyway? WHAT DID THEY NEED TO TRAP DOWN THERE? OH MY GOD!!

So, yeah. I’m really, really glad to be heading to South Dakota today. And not just because my boyfriend is there, but also because we always have a really great time. There will be Christmas, hangin’ with Matt’s parents, gambling and dancing at the Dakota Sioux Casino, the notorious Harbor Bar, and even Shopko and the awesome massage chairs at the Watertown Mall. You just can’t go wrong.

Have an awesome holiday, everybody, and I’ll see you next week!

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