crisis averted! mostly.

Yesterday at work, we had the worst crisis imaginable. Far worse, even, than a fire that burns down the building while my Gophers hockey poster and #44 Ryan Ward magnet are still inside: our coffeemaker broke.

Mary, Jan and I stood in the kitchen staring at it in disbelief, then we all scrambled across the street to the chow mein place that inexplicably also has coffee and donuts in the morning. I got Pumpkin Spice. It sucked.

This morning, I got Irish Cream, which also sucked, but I came in to find two of those portable coffee crates from Caribou sitting on the file cabinet. It turns out there is a god after all!

So, ok. Apparently it’s been an entire week since I posted. Some things went on this weekend, like a party at Matt’s boss’ house, brunch at the Local, a visit to Lyle’s with Cindi and Dan during which the Gophers beat the hated Sioux, and Sunday at Klein’s with another Vikings win, chili, and Superbad.

This week has been entirely devoted to Christmas shopping, writing cards, baking for the holiday cookie fundraiser (we made 33 dozen peanut blossoms last night!), and preparation for my party tomorrow night. Tonight will be more of the same, and then it will be time again for the best weekend ever. Yay!

Also, it’s very important to note that it’s now less than one month until the cruise. Between that and the holidays, it’s kind of hard not to be falling over with awesome all the damn time.

Happy almost-weekend!


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