if you’re having girl problems i feel bad for you, son

The last week in review:

Tuesday I delivered cookies, and then Matt and I went to go hang out in Burnsville with Cindi, because she was stranded out there at a conference. Willis joined us for dinner, and then we went to Champps (awwyeah), where we found bar bingo just getting underway. It benefitted the local hockey team, so how could we say no? Matt won $30, and I had a lively debate with the DJ about whether Crank Dat is the worst song ever. It kind of is, but it’s still a thing. Admit it. I redeemed myself later by requesting 99 Problems by Jay-Z. I love that song.

On Wednesday Matt had bowling, so I sat on the couch and worked on one of the secret knitting projects for him. I also watched a show about how close we came to nuclear war in 1983. I love cold war drama.

Thursday, I finished my travel journal. My goal was to have it all done by the cruise, so I totally win. Go read! (The most recently-added updates are the trip to Roughrider Days, and the last cruise. Also, the RSS feed is here.) In the evening, we went to pub quiz at Keegan’s, because it was time for the quarterly drawing for the Sam Adams trip to Boston. We didn’t win the trip, but we did win pub quiz with a perfect score, and earned some free drinks. Afterward, we joined Ryan, Joe, and Brie at Nye’s. Cindi and I discovered the circuit breakers to the bar in the bathroom. We were smart enough to not take advantage of that knowledge. YET.

Friday, Cindi, Matt and I went to Lyle’s to hang out with Missy. It ended up being about 12 different people at various times, including Dan, whose birthday was the next day. To celebrate, he had shots. Eleven of them. And he’s still alive!

Saturday, there was brunch at the Uptown with Cindi and Dan, who looked very sad for a dude on his birthday. Coffee and biscuits and gravy seemed to help. I realized, too, that while their cheez sauce is good, it’s not quite as good if you’re not hung over (just like Santana’s fries are probably disgusting if you’re sober). In the afternoon, Matt and I opened presents. I had a cold, so we stayed home and I took random pills with ‘Wal’ in the name to keep from coughing.

Sunday morning, he left for his parents’ in South Dakota. Sniff! I went to my apartment and began the great cleaning and organizing project of Aught-Seven. Holy crap, I got a lot done! I generated three bags of trash, and my apartment has never been so shiny. In the evening, Cindi and I went out with only three goals in mind:

  1. to find a bar that was open
  2. …that had decent food
  3. …and was showing the Vikings game.

Shouldn’t be that hard, right? Especially the game part, since it was the only thing happening. Almost an hour later, we got to Mayslack’s. Apparently a lot of places were already shut down for Christmas.

We had dinner, gave up on the game in the third quarter, and went to play naked ladies and the jukebox.

A girl came up to me at the jukebox to tell me she loved my tattoos. She proceeded to try to pick me up. Cassie was 23, from a town north of Duluth, and had a black eye. She was very persistent about trying to get me to dance, even though Mayslack’s isn’t really a dancin’ kind of bar. I finally ran into the bathroom to hide from her and text Matt; the door opened a minute later and someone came in and was standing around near the sink til I came out. Of course it was her. Ack! She finally left after I refused to give her my number: she said she’d just have to hope she ran into me again. RIGHT.

Monday, I worked more on house-project, finished Matt’s awesomest present ever (I’ll post photos once I give it to him), and then went out to my sister’s house in Apple Valley for family Christmas. we sat around for a long time afterwards, watching football and talking.

After Cindi got off work at midnight, she picked me up and we went to Williams, because it was one of the few bars open that night. The fact that they were blasting Britney Spears’ Toxic as we walked in was indicative of the crowd.

You know what might be the saddest thing ever? Watching drunk dudes (who we’d have sworn were gay based on how they dressed, but apparently not) trying to pick up chicks on Christmas. Yuck. Also, we saw a guy wearing what Cindi said had to be a D&D jersey, and we figured out the first rule of life: CRACKER – NO BLING. Remember that, people.

Tuesday, the day otherwise known as both ‘Christmas’ and ‘yesterday’, Stephanie and I went to see Sweeney Todd. The entire universe was at that movie theatre, but most of them were not seeing that particular film, thankfully. A few minutes in, I didn’t think I’d like it much (the music, and also the fact that Johnny Depp had the same exact accent as when he plays Captain Jack Sparrow), but I ended up enjoying it a lot. I went home afterward to wait for Cindi to finish work again so we could continue our Vajayjay Night tradition, but I started feeling sick again. I think it was the combination of cold + tired + standing in snow brushing my car off 800 times. I ended up taking a bath while talking to Matt and playing sudoku. I am awesome.

Today I’m back at work, and actually happy about it. I got here at a time starting with a 7 for the first time in ever (ok, two minutes to eight, but still!), and I get to sit all day! I’m bad at that when I’m home; I have 40 different projects to do, and I get frantic about working on them. Work is very chillaxed, and most of our school-district clients aren’t around anyway. Tonight I’m going to run errands, go to the gym, and finally buy hot dog buns so I can eat a SmartDog. They’re the only food in my fridge at the moment.

And in very exciting news, Matt just texted that he found a Wii in Watertown!! Even more excitingly, he’ll be home tomorrow. ONE MORE NIGHT!! I can’t wait. I miss that boy like crazy.

Hope you all had an excellent holiday!


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