medicine balls in all the colors of the rainbow.

Yesterday afternoon, Matt texted to tell me he’d found a Wii in South Dakota. After work, I went to pick up my present from Colleen (yay!) and go to Target to obtain the last of my cruise supplies, and what should be lounging there in the electronics section but Guitar Hero 3? We’re totally set. Now he just has to come home, and that’s happening today. I CAN’T WAIT. For Matt, that is… the Wii can just hold its horses.

(‘Hold your horses’ is one of my mom’s top 10 expressions, btw. ‘TSK!!!’ is firmly in the lead.)

Last night, I finally got to NewGym™. I tried to go last week, but the door wouldn’t unlock with my keycard. It was unclear as to whether it was actually open yet. Yesterday I decided to try the one on Nicollet again, and HOLY CRAP, IT’S AWESOME. It has new gym smell. The machines are all fancy. My stupid rotator cuff didn’t hurt afterward. I had to watch channel 5 news, but I had loud hiphop to drown it out. I’m very excited about NewGym™, and also it’s 6 blocks from Matt’s house. SCORE.

Round about 9pm, I started to feel sick again. I feel like my cold has gone away, except in the pre-bedtime hours. I took a bath for the second time in two days (highly recommended) and started the book I’m bringing on the cruise. I was serenaded by the melodious sounds of Cocoa puking in the background. ON MY CLEAN FLOOR.

Here’s to clear roads and an evening spent mostly in bed.


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