Flipflop (or Ninja!) Socks

May 28th, 2008
view on ravelry! whenever we go camping, i of course insist on wearing only flipflops. come nighttime, i realize that it’s far too cold, so i put on my giant fuzzy sleeping socks and cram my feet back into my flipflops. it’s not all that comfortable, so i came up with a solution.

i’ve seen flipflop socks before, but i wanted some made with worsted-weight yarn so they’d be warmer and quicker to knit. these are knit on size 6 needles, and they’re super-quick! also, they remind me of tabi socks, so make up a pair in black, and voila! you’re a ninja.

(note: i always knit socks using the magic loop instead of 3 dpn’s, so i wrote the pattern in a generic way to be used with either method. just divide up your stitches amongst the needles however works best for you.)

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vamos a la playa!

April 7th, 2008

We’re going to Mexico in May, and I wanted an easy way to tote around my gigantic beach towel. These simple straps did the trick!

You can download the pattern (.pdf) for free, or save it to your queue on Ravelry. view on ravelry!

here comes a special boy!

March 12th, 2008

knit philippe from achewood!

my boyfriend has been reading achewood forever, so i knitted him a philippe doll for christmas. there’s been a lot of interest in the pattern, so i decided to put one together.

finished size:
using sport-weight yarn and size 4 needles, philippe is about 6.5″ tall. that will change, obviously, depending on your choice of yarn and needles.

techniques used:
knitting in the round, increasing/decreasing, basic embroidery and assembly.

you can view additional photos of philippe on flickr, or check out my project on ravelry.

$4.00 (.pdf, immediate download)

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