Sports fandom is expensive 2

Before we moved, I did endless amounts of Googling and asking people on the internet about how one goes about watching their local sports teams when they move to another market. Nobody was able to answer that question, but now that we’re doing that, here’s how it works: You can’t have Comcast. This is probably good news to everyone anyway. ...


We bike pretty much everywhere here, to the point where we have trouble remembering the last time we drove. (When my parents were visiting we had to drive because my dad has trouble getting around with his back problems. That was the first time I’ve driven in Old Town, and it was as terrible as expected. Just don’t drive in ...


A thing that happens to you when you move to a (near-) tropical place and are surrounded by palm trees and beach and picturesque sunsets every day: you start to buy stuff like this for your house. I’m OK with it.

Big News! 1

Big News!
I had an appointment with my new dentist today. As much as I wanted to go with this guy based on name alone, I decided on one that’s less than a mile away. The most important things I learned: My teeth still suck. I take care of them, I don’t eat sugar -I use prescription toothpaste, for god’s sake – but ...