Land of 10,000 Malls

Dear Southerners,

It has come to my attention recently that there is widespread misunderstanding about my home city. On several occasions, I’ve had a conversation very similar to the following:

Southerner: “Where ya’ll from?”
Me: “Minneapolis.”
Southerner: “Oh, that’s where they have that big mall!”

Now, I know the Mall of America is well-publicized and acknowledged. However, there’s something I need to clear up. Minnesota is not only home to the largest mall in the United States. On the contrary, we have many, many malls to offer everyone from the casual browser to the hard-core bargain shopper. There’s Southdale, the first indoor mall in the country. There’s Eden Prairie Center, scene of the major motion picture, “Mall Rats”. There’s Har-Mar, and its much lesser cousin, Sun Ray Center. If your tastes tend more towards the trailer park, there’s always The Hub. It’s your loss.

Thank you for hearing me out. Now that the mall issue is resolved, please feel free to revert to your former comment: “That’s from that movie, ‘Fargo’!”


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