Dear Pulitzer Committee:

I would like to submit a piece from an author who may likely be the most important new poet of the 21st century. While her milieu may be limited, she is able to muse upon any dairy product with eloquence and style. Please consider the following for your esteemed award.

by stephanie ripleyoh joy!
sweet, sweet heaven
that dances across my tongue and
begs me to merge with the soul of the earth.
pungent yet merciful in its taste,
the crumbles lure me away to another world,
another land,
a land of ruins, olive trees, old times passed.
a land… of cheese.
what gods have brought to this unworthy planet
the precious gifts of love, obsession, satisfaction.
oh feta, thou art perfection.
no holes betray you like the neutral swiss.
no strings belie you.
thou art infinitely better than any kraft product
that ever graced our nation.
the art of cheese.
the art of life.

Thank you for your consideration.

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