It’s Fall!

We’re having a cold snap this week. It’s windy – like really windy, averaging 20-25mph – so the temperatures have been a lot lower than the previous several weeks. And when I say ‘cold snap’, I mean it’s 75 degrees. It’s perfect.

So I worked on the patio today.


Some of the chickens weren’t that thrilled to find me sitting out there, but Roscoe didn’t mind. He stood around looking for handouts for half an hour or so until a very loud military helicopter (could you keep it down, Navy? People are trying to work around here) scared him away.


We had all the windows and the patio door open for the first time since we moved here. With the ceiling fans it’s really nice inside, even in the office that tends to heat up to a million degrees during the day. (If I’m sweating indoors, you know it’s warm.)

The lizards seem to want to come in. They and really large frogs like to hang out on our window screens.


It’s supposed to be like this until at least Friday. The downside is that we were planning on taking our kayaks up the Keys this weekend, and if it’s this windy that won’t be possible. They’ve issued small craft advisories all week – yesterday morning when we went down to Higgs Beach for the plant sale, there were a ton of shrimp boats near the shore because the Atlantic was so rough. If it’s too rough for the pros, we have no business floating in the ocean in our plastic yachts.

We’re still going up the Keys on Friday, though – the long weekend is a good excuse to pay Miami a visit!

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