Sunday in Pictures

This morning, we headed to the Key West Garden Club plant sale at Martello Tower (the place I first learned that you could grow a billion varieties of orchids outdoors in Key West). I bought a bromeliad (another plant-nerd plant, from what I’ve heard), a couple air plants, a piece of cypress with a hanger that a couple in Fort Lauderdale sells to grow plants on, and an orchid that together with its roots is as tall as I am.


As we left, people kept commenting on how nice the orchid was, so I think we made a good choice.

Here’s part of my tropical wonderland in progress: the bromeliad is on the table, my two little orchids are in hanging baskets, and one of the air plants is attached to the piece of wood hanging on the left. My new orchid is hanging under the overhang since it shouldn’t get too much sunlight there.

We did our Thanksgiving grocery shopping at Publix and then drove over to Stock Island to visit the Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm, which is open every other Sunday.



They had alligators, tortoises, an emu, a donkey, goats, ducks, alapacas, a giant bull (named Angus), Moe the sloth, kinkajous, gigantic snakes, all manner of reptiles, and this adorable bird that says “I love you”. I want to steal him so badly.


One of the best parts of the animal farm is that it’s at the county jail. There are inmates helping out with the animals. So we got to see all of that, too.

We came home and it rained again for a while (we’ve had pretty significant rain on and off for the past few days), so then we had a giant rainbow over the house.

Later in the evening, we rode into town and had fritas for dinner. Fritas are an amazing Cuban-American invention involving a beef-and-pork burger, cheese, spicy sauce, and shoestring potatoes. However, this place just down the street from us has a vegetarian version made with a giant mushroom. AMAZING.

We bought Key West Film Festival t-shirts and then went to see our final film of the weekend, Hitchcock/Truffaut. It was on the third floor of the Studios of Key West, in the smallest room we’ve been in yet – maybe 25 seats. It was a pretty good way to end the festival.

Then we went to play Ms Pac Man at The Porch, because we’re all about highbrow.


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