Island Time

Everyone who’s spent time in the Caribbean is aware of the concept of island time, because nothing is on that important a schedule. It can be maddening on your first visit, but eventually you get used to it.

Key West has a slight case of island time, though nothing like you’d encounter in Jamaica. Most things here are slowed down by having to have an entire life-story conversation with everyone you meet.

Our second movie tonight was fully on island time, though, because the production company neglected to send the correct unlock code for the film. While they worked on getting that, we had an impromptu Q&A with the organizer of the Film Festival, then an impromptu comedy show with what may or may not have been a comedian, then they ran out of wine so a lady just ran across the street to buy bottles of wine and then pour glasses of it for whoevef in the audience wanted it.

We finally saw the film (and it was great), but I kind of love the fact that if all of that had happened in Minneapolis, people would’ve been in a huff on the internet rather than just having fun with it.

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