Sports fandom is expensive 2

Before we moved, I did endless amounts of Googling and asking people on the internet about how one goes about watching their local sports teams when they move to another market. Nobody was able to answer that question, but now that we’re doing that, here’s how it works:

  1. You can’t have Comcast. This is probably good news to everyone anyway. We have DirecTV*.
  2. You have to pay extra for sports packages. This is probably obvious.
  3. If you get the $15/month local sports pack that includes all the regional Fox Sports affiliates and such, you will be able to watch all the college sports you ever wanted. HOWEVER:
  4. You need the pro sports packages like NHL Center Ice and NBA TV if you want to watch out-of-market pro sports, even if you have the local affiliates. Pro games will be blacked out.** (I know. It’s stupidly confusing.) HOWEVER:
  5. Occasionally you’ll be able to see all the pro games on the regional networks. I know this because I watched several Wild games, and we’ve seen the Timberwolves on the FSN alternate channel. Nobody at DirecTV can explain this – they just say it shouldn’t happen.
  6. DirecTV includes Sunday Ticket, so you’re good for football. Possibly that’s a limited-time thing, but we’ve always had that and Red Zone, the most important channel for people who want football as background noise.

*When I called our local Comcast rep to set up internet, she asked why we weren’t getting their TV services. I explained about the sports thing, and she warned me that satellite doesn’t work as well here as it does on the mainland. Um…. Maybe space is different in the Keys? The earth rotates differently? Palm trees block the signal? I wonder about this way too often.

**The thing about pro sports is you don’t really need a TV service to see them. So basically I’m happy with the $15/mo being a Gophers-hockey-viewing fee. We’ll probably cancel that package in the offseason, because who wants to watch that many Menards commercials?





2 thoughts on “Sports fandom is expensive

  1. Reply AmyNo Gravatar Dec 1, 2015 11:00 pm

    I had DirecTV for a while and it seemed like every time the wind blew, the signal would be lost. I even heard the evening news anchor mention it once. Hopefully we just had a goofy set up in the northwest burbs.

  2. Reply Jenni KonradNo Gravatar Dec 2, 2015 7:50 am

    Yeah, we’ve been really lucky even in huge rainstorms, though we haven’t had any major weather yet. If there’s an actual tropical storm/hurricane, I figure I’ll have other things to worry about!

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