Big News! 1

I had an appointment with my new dentist today. As much as I wanted to go with this guy based on name alone, I decided on one that’s less than a mile away.


The most important things I learned:

  1. My teeth still suck. I take care of them, I don’t eat sugar -I use prescription toothpaste, for god’s sake – but still, they suck and I need two crowns. I don’t have any cavities, I guess?
  2. The dentist says I have a bone structure in my jaw that only people with Native American or Eskimo descent have. My mom’s done hugely extensive mapping of our family tree and that doesn’t show up anywhere in it, so I think she has some explaining to do.

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  1. Reply aleena feltsNo Gravatar Nov 10, 2015 1:07 pm

    I’m afraid I’d still have to go with Dr. Weiner. Just for the name’s sake. Seriously.

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