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So, having lived here for a month also means that we’ve now both been working home for a month. I wasn’t really sure what to expect of this setup, since generally if I’m working from home it’s because I’m sick. I assumed that maybe I would feel like I had the permanent flu or something.

I don’t currently feel sick, so that’s a good thing. We’re still pretty into maintaining good hygiene, too. I don’t blowdry my hair every morning, but that’s mostly because it does better air-drying in the humidity. I dress like crap during the day, because I work from home, and nobody’s gonna tell me to wear outdoor pants when I’m in my house. I promise that when we leave, we both make ourselves public-appropriate.

(Granted, we live in a place where too fancy is weird. Particularly for men, dressing up for a fancy restaurant means a Hawaiian or fishing shirt – as long as it has buttons – with shorts and flipflops. It’s too hot for formality here.)

For the first week we were here, we both worked at the dining room table. After our Ikea trip to Miami, we were able to set up an office in the guest room. It’s nice to have a huge monitor again, though that means I can’t watch the wildlife on our patio all day.

The nice thing is there’s always a very distinct line between work time and regular life, just like always. At 4pm or shortly thereafter, our computers shut down. Since we start earlier than the rest of our coworkers, we manage to get a LOT done in the first hour of the day, too.

And now since it’s after 4pm, it’s time to go take my parents to Mallory Square!


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