So, the last time I posted here we had just finished move #1 into our apartment. We now have less than 6 weeks left on the lease in said apartment, which means we’re moving again. And this time it’s for real: we found a place to rent in Key West!


It’s in Old Town (i.e. walking distance from nearly everything), about 4 blocks from the wharf, within a mile of shopping, and 2 miles to the awesome beach you see above. It’s the unit on the right here, and part of the reason we picked it of the six available is that it has a bougainvillea and a little palm tree out front. I LOVE IT.


Our going-away party is on Saturday, September 26, which is also the day we’re having movers come over and load our rental truck. We’ll stay in a hotel with Matt’s parents that night, having turned in our keys, and then we’re hitting the road. Wendy is coming with us, because she is, in fact, the best friend ever. We’ll get the keys to the new place on October 1, and then we’ll officially be residents of Florida Key West. FINALLY.

As it turns out, we’re really happy we were forced to move out of our house into this apartment. First of all, the place is fantastic. I was able to sell my car right away, and have been taking the train to work nearly every day. At least half the time, I take a NiceRide bike home, since there’s a station behind work and next to the train station at our apartment building. And since the majority of our stuff is already in storage, moving should be pretty easy: we don’t really have that much to pack.

I’m not particularly looking forward to driving a gigantic 26-foot truck 2,000 miles, but the end result will be worth it. Expect a billion pictures of palm trees when it’s the depths of winter in Minnesota.

Oh, and we also have a return trip booked – we’ll be back in Minneapolis and South Dakota over the holidays. Yes, there will be Gophers hockey.

(Here are the rest of the photos from our Keys trip, in case you wanted more reason to come visit.)

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