Did I Say We’re Moving This Year?

What I meant was: we’re moving twice this year. Our landlord is moving back into this house after many years, so we have to find a temporary place to live before we actually move south this fall.

What we’ve discovered in apartment hunting is that we’ve been truly spoiled with our rent here; we have a nice smallish house in a great walking neighborhood with a garage and an excellent yard, and our rent hasn’t gone up in the close-to-seven years we’ve lived here. You can now get an OK 2BR apartment for what we pay for all this. The thing is, I don’t want to pay the same for an apartment; since we have to pay for movers and a storage unit for at least the next year and a half, I want to pay less.

Anyway, we’re looking at a couple places in the next few days, and I hope one of those works out. Especially since one has an indoor pool, and the other is walking distance from work!

Packing has actually been pretty enjoyable, because god knows I’m an organizing freak who has to create an elaborate yet well-ordered system for everything. (Is it obvious I’m a software developer?) Our basement is the staging area, and the front porch is filling up with things to either give away or donate. I really hope people will come over and see if there’s anything they want out there.

The upside of the surprise move is that it’s solidified our plans: move into an apartment April 1, which by virtue of 6-month-lease math, puts us at a Key West moving date of October 1. EXCITING!!!

And in the meantime: we’ll be in Negril in a week. I cannot wait to see this again.


Oh, and this:


In other beginning-of-2015 news:

  1. We spent a few days in Arizona with the in-laws, and had a spectacular time. Matt and I went to see the Grand Canyon, which somehow I’ve neglected to visit before. I was *this* close to crying as we walked up to the edge of it at the first overlook. It was even more awesome than I’d imagined. (Here are all my pictures!)


  2. Awesome Christmas: The Final Blowout was great. I think next year I’m going to mail everyone $3 and make them send me pictures of what they buy themselves.16417755701_ec6ec34934_z
  3. We went to the North Star Cup at Xcel Center. The Gophers are bad. Like, really bad. Unranked, not-making-the-tournament-excepting-a-miracle bad. This our fault because we’re moving. (My love for them will never change.)
  4. Work has been INSANE. Like working late every day insane. It should let up soon, but I’d prefer to not be dreaming about this project every moment I’m asleep.

And now, I have to go pack.

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