Happy 2015!

I liked 2014 just fine, too, but I like this particular year even more because it’s the one in which we’re planning to move. The ocean, it’s getting closer than ever!

To celebrate that (because it’s on my 101 Things), I started my third iteration of Project 365 yesterday. This will force me to remember that it’s OK to take pictures when I’m not on vacation, too.

Our New Year’s was excellent. Rich hosted the annual party, and it was 80’s themed this year due to the Back to the Future connection. I wore neon and crimped my hair, and Matt dressed in Miami Vice fashion to tend bar with Ryan as Crockett and Tubbs. We had our usual champagne toast at midnight, followed by Cards Against Humanity. It’s an important tradition.


Yesterday we watched all the sports, and greatly enjoyed the schadenfreude of FSU’s total failure. I took all of the non-Christmas-tree decorations down and put them away, making a point to go through all of it and make sure it’s all stuff we intend to move with. Then I cleaned the house like crazy, because it is important to begin a year in spotless fashion.

I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet couple of weeks before vacation. The Gophers return to hockey (thank god) tonight, I have some exciting new knitting projects to work on, a lot of exercising to do, many good meals to cook, and some movies to see. I also intend to finish my Vegas/California travel journal before we head to Arizona in two weeks.

Between that and our upcoming trip to Jamaica in February, I’ve barely even noticed winter at all. Let’s hope that continues!

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