RIP, 43 Things 1

I noticed today that 43 Things is shutting down after 10 years. I haven’t used it in a while (re: 101 Things), but it reminded me that 1) I used to use it a lot, and 2) I am the most list-oriented human on earth.

My to-do list gives me superpowers of accomplishment. I hate not finishing things on a list. It makes me itchy.

Anyway, I exported my 43 Things list for old times’ sake. I’d forgotten about some of these!

	I've done 139 things

1.	Travel Europe by train.		
2.	Visit all 50 states.		
3.	Go to Europe.		
4.	Swim in an infinity pool.	
5.	Play paintball.	
6.	Swim with stingrays.		
7.	Ride an ATV.		
8.	Go sea kayaking.		
9.	Update my travel journal.	
10.	Get another tattoo.		
11.	Travel alone.		
12.	Do a breast cancer 3-day walk.	
13.	Go to the gym 3 times a week.		
14.	Go to a 2010 world cup qualifier.	
15.	See the Stanley Cup.		
16.	Donate to Kiva.	
17.	Lift weights more often.		
18.	Join the 43things team on	
19.	Crew the breast cancer 3-day.		
20.	Go kayaking.	
21.	Detox	
22.	Post every day for a month.	
23.	Get it on in the Town Talk men's room.	
24.	Learn to drive a stick shift.		
25.	Play blackjack in Vegas.		
26.	Ride in a limo.		
27.	Skate with the Gophers.	
28.	Visit 1 place on 43 places list per year.		
29.	Ice skate outdoors.		
30.	Rollerskate again.		
31.	Be interviewed for a magazine.		
32.	Swim with sea turtles.		
33.	Learn to swing dance.		
34.	Play broomball.		
35.	Go to a rodeo.		
36.	Give 500 cheers.	
37.	Enter something in the state fair.	
38.	Go camping more.		
39.	Ride a motorcycle.		
40.	Get to 'standard' on DDR.		
41.	Learn		
42.	Redo my website.		
43.	Remember 100 moments that have made my life up to this point great.		
44.	Start a Roth IRA.		
45.	Learn poi spinning.	
46.	See the northern lights.		
47.	Go on a cruise.	
48.	Participate in Habitat for Humanity.		
49.	Do three charity walks in 2006.	
50.	Spend more on travel than on rent in 2007.		
51.	Hear the Dalai Lama speak.		
52.	Stop feeling guilty for relaxing.		
53.	Raise more than $2,200 for the 3day.		
54.	Take a photography class.		
55.	Go skydiving.		
56.	Go canoeing on Lake Calhoun.		
57.	Use money as a tool to amass experiences, not objects.	
58.	Lose 20 pounds.	
59.	Write a will.	
60.	Organize some great team fundraisers.		
61.	Accumulate $5,000 in savings.		
62.	Document a day in photographs.	
63.	Complete 20 knitting projects in 2007.		
64.	Sell my car and buy a used one with cash.	
65.	Dance more.	
66.	Be a sweep team captain on the breast cancer 3-day.	
67.	Purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.	
68.	Take sailing lessons.		
69.	Do project 365.		
70.	Meditate more.		
71.	Finish my travel journal.		
72.	Find a balance between the things i want to do and the things i need to do.		
73.	Go on a train journey.	
74.	Take a kickboxing class.	
75.	Learn to play the piano.	
76.	Learn to read music.	
77.	Get my nipples pierced.	
78.	Learn a martial art.	
79.	Spend the night in a haunted hotel.		
80.	Go to the movies alone.	Worth it	
81.	Live alone.	
82.	Visit Europe.		
83.	Shoot a gun.		
84.	Go skeet shooting.	
85.	Go snorkeling.		
86.	Go on vacation by myself.		
87.	Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination.		
88.	Learn to knit.		
89.	Take a cake decorating class.		
90.	Organize my photos.		
91.	Drink absinthe.	
92.	Never eat McDonald's again.		
93.	Get a tattoo.		
94.	Learn Russian.	
95.	Do the breast cancer 3-day.		
96.	Become a vegetarian.		
97.	Become first in a google search for my name.		
98.	Keep track of my finances in Quicken.		
99.	Pierce my nipples.		
100.	Start my own business.		
101.	Fire a handgun.	
102.	Buy a house.		
103.	Learn how to drive stick-shift.	
104.	Go through my things, get rid of or donate anything i am not using.	
105.	Identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money).	
106.	Learn to mix drinks.		
107.	Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
108.	Fly first class.	
109.	Put all my finances in Quicken.		
110.	Breathe fire.	
111.	Go to a strip club.		
112.	Complete the Greenie Century.		
113.	Be awesome.		
114.	Tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.	
115.	See the midnight sun.		
116.	See puffins in the wild.		
117.	Go whale watching.		
118.	Go skinnydipping.		
119.	Become a zombie.		
120.	Lick Liquor Lyle's.		
121.	Learn to belly dance.		
122.	Visit the world's largest ball of twine.		
123.	Pillow fight.		
124.	Go to Bonnaroo.		
125.	Get an accountant.		
126.	Stop watching tv.		
127.	Fly a plane.		
128.	Finish the knitting olympics.		
129.	Actually do the things i want to do.		
130.	Rock climb.		
131.	Fire a gun in a shooting range.		
132.	Go to Hawaii.	
133.	Get a Gemini tattoo.		
134.	Give 250 cheers.		
135.	Have a restaurant know my "usual".		
136.	Go to cherry blossom festival in DC.		
137.	Swim in the Pacific Ocean.	
138.	Own a Mini Cooper.		
139.	Learn to play the didgeridoo.

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  1. Reply WendyNo Gravatar Dec 23, 2014 10:28 am

    My super gay comment I tried to leave a while back was something like this:

    This list makes me realize how long we’ve known each other and how many pretty damn awesome things we’ve done together.


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