Winter Escape the First

I know technically Thanksgiving isn’t for another week, but ours is here early! The in-laws arrived yesterday, and we did a bunch of prep work last night, including making the turkey. It was hard to keep them from eating it right away.


My family is coming over tonight, and the feast will commence. We planned on a scaled-back mini-Thanksgiving, but as usual it’s turned out to be the full production. Which is awesome, because the leftovers will keep us going right up til vacation.

We leave Saturday (which is why we had to have Thanksgiving early) for much warmer climates. Here’s the itinerary!

11/22-23: Fly into Vegas. Pick up our car. We’re spending Saturday and Sunday nights downtown. (Do you know how cheap hotels are in Vegas this time of year? They’re almost paying us to stay there.)

11/24: Move to the newly-remodeled Tropicana for a night on the Strip. I’m very excited for the High Roller.

11/25: Drive through Bat Country to the Inland Empire. We’re spending Tuesday night IN A WIGWAM. I’ve wanted to stay in one of these since I was a kid.

11/26: Go see Joshua Tree National Park and the creepy-ass Salton Sea. Check into our hotel in Palm Springs and go have some tiki drinks with Paul at the Tonga Hut.

11/27:  Actual Thanksgiving. We’re going to Disneyland. (I’ve never been there! I’m going to ride Space Mountain 43 times in a row.) Then we’re having a really amazing dinner in Venice, and checking into our AirBnB rental. It’s in Topanga Canyon, looks like it’s in the jungle, and it has an outdoor bathtub/jacuzzi. YES.

11/28-11/29: L.A. stuff. Oh, and we’re going to see a Kings/Blackhawks game at Staples Center. I’ve always wanted to go to Staples Center, and I didn’t get Lakers tickets because I didn’t realize they’d be so hilariously terrible this year. Oh well.

11/30: We’re taking the Pacific Surfliner to San Diego for a night, because it’s a train that runs along the ocean, and that is amazing. I don’t know what we’ll do in San Diego, because we planned too much already. We should probably go on a boat. That’d be good.

12/1: Stopping in to see San Juan Capistrano, because Matt hasn’t yet been to one of my favorite places in California. And then I guess we’ll head to LAX and fly home. Our flight gets in after midnight, so expect me to be crabby on Tuesday.


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