2013 in Pictures

2013 Mosaic

Row 1:
Bahia Honda
Gangland-style banana violence at camping
Matt and Szofia in Negril
Bally and Hemingway’s cat
Me and Matt at All Pints North
Mob Museum

Row 2:
Wendy getting neck tattoos at her bachelor-ish party
Sunset sail in Key West
Matt with the ice MacNaughton cup outside Mariucci arena
Being classy at the polo match
Clematis on my arbor
Kayak selfie, with friend flotilla on the Mississippi

Row 3:
Learning to curl
The in-laws in Mallory Square
Matt being a lion
Our kayaks on the beach on Lake Kampeska, Watertown SD
Bill Electrocuting Katie
Matt entering the Spam competition at the fair

Row 4:
Matt and Wendy drinking some really old Sparks
Missy and Joe at Doran’s birthday party
Playing dominoes at No Limit in Negril
Matt and I as Party Down caterers
Canal Park Brewing Company
Wendy and Amelia, just married

Row 5:
Matt and Kris in Jamaica
Reflected in downtown Las Vegas
Rainbow cake
Bally at the Capitol
Sarah and Doran in Vegas
Pelican at Robbie’s Marina in the Keys

Row 6:
Snow game at Target Field
The time we got evacuated from the grandstand at the fair
Minneapolis Pride Parade
Kayaking on Nokomis with Katie and Matt
Sunset view on the West End, Jamaica
With the in-laws on a sailboat in Key West

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