2012 in Pictures

2012 in pictures

row 1:
a bunch of us in Vegas, making the duckface for Facebook
Matt arm-wrestling a member of the Minnesota Vixen
our life-threatening visit to Alameda
the Atomium, Brussels
recreating Iwo Jima at camping
the Colosseum

row 2:
Matt and Bally, leaving Tunisia
sunset over the Mediterranean
Bally meets Thierry Henry at the Emirates
Notre Dame de Paris
Adam and Josh, Gangnam-style

row 3:
the Luminarium (my favorite thing ever at the state fair)
Matt and Bally on the Seine
flowers on the coast in Monaco
shots in downtown Vegas
Cinque Terre, Italy
Matt telling the cruise ship behind us to vaffanculo

row 4:
Matt at a Jamaican restaurant in London
hanging out in the corn pit
Mississippi Headwaters
Wendy, me, Jumi, and Cindi in the shower, yet again
Gophers sweep salute
Matt and #stupidbear at the Timberwolves game

row 5:
Monte Carlo
Ryan and Matt high-fiving over Joe at his wedding
our lock on a fence on the Via dell’Amore
Steve, Colleen, and Matt at Red’s Place in San Francisco
Matt as a statue in Rome
Tower Bridge from the Thames

row 6:
Matt and Joe on Lake Minnetonka
seagull and the Bay Bridge
fall at Lake Itasca
Matt and Meg celebrating Missy’s Not Dead Day
sunset on the Hotel de Ville, Paris
us at the Las Vegas sign

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