Pre-Holiday Items of Varying Importance.

1) My San Francisco travel journal is done! My inner nerd is excited because that means that I only have one more to write (Jamaica, in February) and then I’m done with that item on 101 Things.

2) This week has been focused on Aliveness Project donations. I’ve made 20 dozen cookies so far, and will make a third variety tonight. (Those are for both Aliveness and for family Xmas.) Last night, we shopped with Stephanie and Wendy to pick out gifts for two couples, so I need to wrap those tonight as well. Everything gets dropped off tomorrow, because they start delivering baskets next week!

3) I’ve been working on my running. (Ok, jogging.) I decided that rather than try to run much longer distances, I’ll focus on increasing my speed so I can run farther in less time. The idea of running for an hour straight doesn’t really excite me all that much… I get bored way too easily.

4) I spend a lot, no, A LOT, of time thinking about moving to an island, especially now that winter is here and I can’t feel my extremities most of the time. Therefore, I’ve started compiling materials on moving to the Caribbean, pros and cons of various locations, and real estate. There’s so much to consider it makes my head hurt, so I deal with it in the best way I know how: spreadsheets and financial planning.

5) This weekend is our 7th annual work Christmas party, so it’s all we’ve been talking about around here for the last week. Since the activities are already a surprise, we decided to start a betting pool. I have no good guesses, so I assume someone else will be winning all that cash.



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