Things that are awesome lately:

the married couple

Doran and Sarah getting married!


Kayaking the channels between Cedar, Isles, and Calhoun, especially when it’s perfectly calm and gorgeous outside!

bouncing souls

Seeing Bouncing Souls at First Ave!

finished sweater!

Finishing Matt’s sweater with bamboo toggles!

Non-photographic exclamation points: Swimming! (The Olympics reminded us we haven’t been to lap swim in a while.) Cindi and Adam’s wedding this weekend! (We’re staying at Treasure Island Friday night, which will be highly entertaining.) Killing it at work lately! Minigolf league, even though I suck at minigolf! Our anniversary! (We decided to go camp at Itasca State Park, and visit the Mississippi Headwaters, Paul and Babe in Bemidji, and Zorbazzzz.)

Also, it’s my mom’s birthday this week. I hope you all remembered to get her a present.

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