#triviaweek wrapup!

Friday: 331 Club

In addition to the usuals (me, Matt, Joe, and Missy), we had Wendy, Amelia, and Meg there to help out. We took third place and won a Jagermeister tshirt. That trivia was insanely crowded, too.

Saturday: TGI Friday’s in Woodbury

We braved the outer suburbs!! Chris and Rich joined us (they and Missy are all Woodbury alumni, so they were on the lookout for people they knew). We took second place, which won us $30 in gift cards. The only catch was they weren’t good on food, and not on the same day. So they’re basically useless, because none of us are going back to Woodbury.

Sunday: Lyndale Taphouse

SNOW DELAY!! Trivia was cancelled due to the storm. We decided to have make-up trivia the following Sunday, and are very much looking forward to it.

winners! (52/365)


Monday: Aster Cafe

We decided on Cause instead. Missy had a migraine so they couldn’t make it, but Doran and Sarah came to help Matt and I out. We won by a lot, and the prize was a $50 bar tab. This was our favorite trivia, due to the hosts and the awesome staff at Cause. Winning didn’t hurt, either.

Tuesday: Keegan’s

We didn’t even place at Keegan’s, but we expected that going into it. Terry Keegan writes the questions, and they’re hard.

Wednesday: Cork’s Irish Pub in St Paul

This one was way better than I expected! It’s hosted by Martin Devaney, and the questions were good. Wendy joined the four of us, and we took first place and won a $25 gift certificate that we applied to the tab.

Thursday: The Industrial

They announced that it was the most crowded night of trivia they’d had there, so obviously that was all trivia week’s responsibility. Cindi and Adam joined us, and we took second place, just one point behind the million-person team behind us. We got a $10 gift certificate, which put us at $115 total. AWESOME.

We’re hoping to add to that on Sunday, of course.

Regular life has returned, just in time for Matt’s birthday!! We’ll be celebrating that tonight, and will continue the party next weekend in Vegas.


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