the most beloved turkey in watertown

We met this dude when we were in Watertown over Christmas. He and his friends had taken up residence at the abandoned tree farm at the end of Matt’s parents’ block. His friends had disappeared, though, so he was the only one left.

That didn’t seem to bother him. He hung out on the side of the road watching cars and waiting for handouts. He was hilarious, and caused traffic slowdowns from gawkers at the intersection. We brought him Saltines one day, and watched him grab them the second we drove away.

watertown wild turkey

But of course he was causing a ‘nuisance’, so the city decided to get rid of him. They failed in their attempts to catch him, so they shot him instead.

The best part of it, though, is that the residents of Watertown are up in arms about it. A memorial went up right away.

turkey memorial in watertown

(That’s my photo at the top, which Judy requested we have printed for her.)

watertown turkey memorial

And that’s why I will always be vegetarian.

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