now let’s talk centerpieces and table assignments.

Well, let’s see. In the days since I last posted anything of substance, here’s what’s gone on:

1) We picked a caterer, unpicked a caterer, and were unsure about where that all stands at the moment.* Frustrating.

2) I went to bowling twice, and even did pretty well! That was a nice change.

3) We saw Don Von and the Solution followed by Chooglin’ at Palmers. AWESOME. (Also, a Watertown High School reunion, essentially.)

4) We reserved our wedding ceremony site! It’s official! (Fun fact: you have to pay $75 to have a limo waiting for you on the streets near parks in Minneapolis. Yep.) I also bought a dress to try. No idea if it’ll be perfect, but it’s worth it to find out.*

5) Matt, Joe, Missy, and I went to trivia at Keegan’s. We didn’t even place, which is proof we need more trivia practice. We did book Trivia Week 2011, though! Saturday, February 19 through Thursday the 24th, we’re going to trivia EVERY NIGHT.

6) We had dinner with Jo at Town Hall Tap. There’s always a super-long wait there, but it’s worth it.

7) Between a 20%-off coupon and the $100 gift card I won, we bought 2 cases of wine for the wedding for $60. You guys better drink it all, because I really dislike wine.*

8) We had dinner with Kris and Orsi at Solera with a $100 gift certificate that required we spend $200. We managed $220, which means we won. We had an awesome time, followed by seeing Nachito Herrera at the Dakota, and then a visit to The Inn.

9) Saturday was Andy and Kristina’s wedding! We went to Stillwater mid-afternoon, did some Awesome Christmas shopping, and had lunch at a surprisingly great restaurant called Nacho Mama’s. We then checked into the hotel and headed to the wedding, which was in a gorgeous B&B 10 miles outside of civilization. The wedding was fantastic, and Matt and I ended the night with a trip to Smalley’s. (This resulted in a stranger asking everyone in the bar to roll a die, and they had to do a shot from a bottle only labeled with that number. Stillwater = Wisconsin.)

10) Speaking of Wisconsin, we had brunch in Hudson Sunday morning at a Caribbean restaurant called San Pedro (there’s a theme here), then made the obligatory Sunday booze run.

11) Yesterday, I started the monster knitting + beads project called Moroccan Days / Arabian Nights. I fully anticipate I’ll be working on this for the next 2 years, but that’s fine.

12) …*And dudes, for as much as I talk about wedding planning, I’m really only boring you with 10% of it. So be glad for that.

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