2010 in pictures!

2010 in pictures

Row 1:

Matt atop Haleakala
Missy as the “I like turtles” boy
Sunset in Kauai
Don’t Stop Believin’ at Klein and Steph’s wedding
Dan and Kate getting hitched
Matt on the beach in Alabama

Row 2:

My engagement ring
The Konrads
Matt, Wendy, Paul, and Babe the Blue Ox
The boys are suspicious of babies
Minnesota State Fair 2010
Bally on the beach

Row 3:

Finished giant lace project
My former sweep teammates on the 3-Day
Matt the wavepuncher in Hawaii
Waimea Canyon, Kauai
Luchadores at Town Talk
Minnesota State Fair 2010

Row 4:

The view at Joe’s cabin up north
Wendy and Mullet Pig
Matt and Ryan on New Year’ Eve
The Konrads at Target Field
Jumi and Josh in Duluth

Row 5:

The Breast Cancer 3-Day Camp
Bally goes camping at Jay Cooke State Park
Letterpress forme
Chris and Joe, bros 4 lyfe
Colleen and Steve in Hawaii
Our Christmas shopping crew with Mary Tyler Moore

Row 6:

All of us at Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee
Matt in the epic snow
Wendy, Chris, and Meg at the Safe House
Matt in LA
Dan and Bally
That one time we ended up in a covered wagon in South Dakota

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