why no, i have not voted yet. what. 2

Here’s the quick wrap-up before I get to work fixing javascript! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

1) The Halloween party was epic, as were the costumes. While Ryan showed up as Brett Favre’s penis, Jumi still won for her ‘Bad Ideas Fairy‘. I’m still laughing about it. The rest of the photos are here!

2) In two hours’ time last night, Matt and I managed to do a bunch of yardwork (he mowed while I laid down landscape fabric and mulched a garden), put all the Halloween decor away, and finished cleaning the basement after the party (my god, is that an effort). It will probably take thirty loads of dishes to clean all the glassware we went through.

3) I loved the World Series this year. And I can’t be too upset about rioting, as I’ll probably burn Dinkytown down the second the Gophers win a National Championship.

4) Did you hear the Gophers swept CC? WOW.

5) We’re signing the paperwork on our reception venue this week, which means that the following fact is now known:

We’re getting married on September 17, 2011.

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    want want want

    must not, I’m at work.


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